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Swimming Pool Options

options 376x198 Swimming Pool OptionsSince we want to provide our customers with the best pool accessories that will help them maintain and protect their beautiful new pool, we provide quality pool accessories for members of the Hermanson Pools family. Since you will need to protect your pool from the elements, prevent algae growth, as well as keep your children safe, we recommend that you invest in additional pool accessories that will help you maintain an optimum of pool cleanliness and safety.

Included Pool Accessories

At Hermanson Pools, we include the following pool accessories and services in our pool packages:

  • Chlorinator and Chlorine (other disinfectants available but not included in base price)
  • Vacuum Head, Skimmer Net, Pole and Brush
  • First Round of Chemicals to balance and maintain your new pool
  • Maintenance Instruction

After we design and construct your new pool, we provide you with the materials you will need to properly maintain your new pool’s chemical balance, as well as keep the water clean and free of algae. In addition, a representative of Hermanson Pools—usually the owner—will come out and personally instruct you in the proper maintenance and care of your new pool. We will teach you how to change the chemicals as well as perform simple trouble-shooting. Once you buy your pool from us, you’re in the Hermanson Pools family! We will bend over backwards to keep your pool beautiful, clean, and safe.

Additional Pool Accessories

We offer the following pool accessories to our customers:

Disinfectant Systems

Since pools possess a complicated balance of chemicals, we recommend you invest in a disinfectant system that helps you maintain your pool’s water quality without having to continually dump in more chemicals. The main types of disinfectant systems we provide include:


The traditional disinfectant, chlorine tablets are loaded into a canister and continually eroded by the water passing through the equipment on its way back into the pool.

Salt-Water Chlorine Generator

In this disinfectant system, salt water passes through a generator where an electrical current breaks down the salt into chlorine. This disinfects just like chlorine tablets, it’s just liquid chlorine being created by the equipment so users don’t have to handle it.

Ozone Disinfectant System

Oxygen in its natural form is 02. Ozone is O3. Ozone is a very strong oxidizer that attacks the organic bonds of microscopic debris, making it an extremely efficient non-corrosive disinfectant system for your pool. Since ozone naturally wants to revert to its natural form quickly, it is created in a generator by your equipment so that the maximum amount gets into your water to disinfect.

While using a disinfectant system, it is still important to maintain your pool chemistry, since the effectiveness of the disinfectant system is contingent upon your pool’s proper chemical balance. If you are having difficulty determining what type of disinfectant system best meets your needs, speak to our pool specialists! We will help you decide on a pool cleaning system that gives you the results you are looking for!

Call 505-856-0123 for quality Albuquerque pool accessories today!

Traditional Solar Cover

Our traditional pool cover is cut to fit the surface of your pool. While the traditional solar cover works well to protect against evaporation loss, it doesn’t have the same high-rated safety features as an anchor or automatic pool cover.

Safety Pool Covers

At Hermanson Pools, we supply safety pool covers to help you protect your pool from the elements while also keeping your children safe. We provide the following types of high quality pool covers:

Anchored Mesh Cover

At Hermanson Pools, we provide anchored mesh or solid vinyl winter covers for free-form and rectangular pools. This type of safety pool cover is a vinyl covered mesh that bolts into the deck and provides excellent winter coverage to protect your pool from the elements.

Automatic Pool Cover

We provide automatic pool covers which are made of vinyl and act as a vapor barrier. This cover is installed in the deck for both rectangular and freeform pools and can support at least 275 lbs when closed. However, this weight maximum refers to ASTM emergency standards and it is not recommended that you test the capacity in non-emergency situations. This type of safety pool cover provides more protection than the traditional and we highly recommend it for families with young children because of its high-rated safety features. In addition, an automatic pool cover does not need to be taken on and off of your pool—it will automatically zoom out across the surface of your pool when you turn a key, providing ultimate convenience and safety coverage. The use of an automatic covers keeps your pool cleaner, provides solar heat gain, and decreases the amount of chemicals used.

Our pool specialists will help you decide on the right pool cover for your budget and needs.

Cleaning Options

When you are investing in a pool, you need to consider what type of cleaning system you will use to keep your pool’s water clear and its surfaces clean. At Hermanson Pools, we provide the following pool cleaners:

In-Floor Cleaning System

This system uses pop-up cleaning heads to keep your pool clean. These heads pop up as the water flows back from the pool equipment to your pool. This water movement stirs the dirt, which is drawn into the pool’s main drains and back to the filter. This system is running whenever your equipment is turned on.

Robotic Cleaner

The robotic pool cleaner is placed by the owner into the pool and the hose plugs into the plumbing in the pool wall.  It scoots around the pool, vacuuming up dirt and debris. The dirt goes back to the pool filter and your pool is clean.  This cleaner is running whenever the equipment is running and the cleaner attached.  When not in use, the cleaner is stored in your garage or utility shed.

Our experienced pool specialists will help you determine what type of cleaning system is best for your needs and budget.

Contact Our Experienced Albuquerque Pool Contractors

Hermanson Pools has been designing, constructing, and installing pools for the Albuquerque community for almost 30 years. We are dedicated to providing exceptional service and we take pride in our quality workmanship and prompt, courteous service. If we installed your pool, we will provide you with the Albuquerque pool accessories you need to keep it well maintained and beautiful! Contact Hermanson Pools today for pool cleaners, pool safety covers, and disinfectant systems to protect and properly maintain your gorgeous pool!