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Inground Spas

spa 376x198 Inground SpasAt Hermanson Pools we design custom spas and pools to meet your exact specifications. Do you want a therapy pool with an attached hot tub? Would you like a luxury spa that makes a dramatic design statement? Are you in need of a detached spa where you can entertain the adults while the kids swim?

Whatever your goals for your pool and spa, we can design a backyard oasis that allows you to take advantage of hydrotherapy, hydro massage, physical therapy, exercise, and simple, refreshing relaxation. Let our pool specialists at Hermanson Pools design a pool and spa for you that helps you meet your fitness, therapy, and relaxation goals and gives you the backyard solution you’ve been looking for.

Spa Configurations

At Hermanson Pools, we provide many home pool and spa designs that allow you to fully-customize your backyard landscape. Our many pool spa configurations include:

In the Pool

Our pool contractors are able to create beautiful pools that incorporate a home spa within the main pool body. In these designs, we construct a wall between the spa and the pool that is about 8 to 10’’ thick and is covered with decorative tile. When we design a spa to be contained inside the pool, we build the separating wall a little lower than deck level to accommodate a safety pool cover so that you are able to protect your spa from the elements while also protecting your children.

Not Attached to the Pool

Hermanson Pools can design a spa that is separate from your pool. If you want extra privacy for your hot tub or simply want to create two distinct relaxation areas in your backyard design, our pool contractors will provide you with a beautiful pool and spa design that reflects your goals. We also provide an insulated spa cover to retain heat and preserve water chemistry.

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Attached to the Pool

At Hermanson Pools, we also design spas that are attached to your pool. We construct a separating wall that is built at deck level and is covered with the deck material. To retain your spa’s heat and preserve its water chemistry, we provide an insulated spa cover.

Raised with a Water Feature

Transform your backyard into an inviting paradise with a raised spa. Hermanson Pools creates pools with raised spas. We are able to design beautiful and dramatic water features (including waterfalls and aqua arches) that create a luxurious addition to your home spa.
Whatever configuration you envision for your pool and spa, we are able to utilize our design ingenuity to create a home pool and spa solution that gives you the relaxing backyard escape you require. Let us help you design a one-of-a-kind custom pool and spa that meets your creative vision for your backyard landscape.

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Whether you desire a more classic pool with detached spa or you would like a dramatic raised spa with water cascading into your pool illuminated with fiberoptics, our pool specialists at Hermanson Pools will create a dramatic statement in your backyard that serves as a beautiful haven for therapeutic relaxation, socializing, and solace and transports you to a peaceful, refreshing place of comfort. Contact Hermanson Pools for your custom inground spa today!